Saturday April 1, 2017

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church (Tudor and Lake Otis)

The Ribbon Festival is a fun and motivating event for piano students! This Festival offers piano students the opportunity to perform solos, duets, ensembles with other instruments, and compositions, as well as participate in the ever-popular scale testing, theory games, and flashcards.

Students receive a ribbon for each performance, each completed scale, and each game they complete, and ribbons can be traded in for prizes at the on-site Ribbon Store.

Instrumentalists, singers, and other ensembles are welcome, provided they include a student pianist.

Forms and detailed information are available here.

Important: Teachers entering 3 or more students are required to be present and to help with the running of the festival the entire day. This is necessary in order to assure optimal student/teacher ratios and create an exciting educational experience for all involved.

Direct your questions by email or call
Dean Epperson, Festival Chairman — phone: 444-8946